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Build Your Self Esteem (Complete Hypnosis Series)

Build Your Self Esteem (Hypnosis Series) By Glenn Harrold.
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The Complete Menopause

The Complete Menopause
Ebook Packed Full Of Comprehensive Information For Women Entering Or Experiencing Menopause. Symptoms, Hrt And Remedies Are All Discussed
The Complete Menopause

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Facial Exercise Secrets
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Facial Exercise Secrets

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Am I a complete failure in life?

Question by Tr: Am I a complete failure in life?
I’m a woman, self-supporting, single and with a job. However, my personality sucks so I will never have a relationship. This isn’t just low self-esteem – I’m quite “objectively” unpleasant to be around. Therefore, I lead a pretty isolated lifestyle. I’m an American.

Based on the little information above, would you say that I’m a total failure, below average or average?

I also have depression and have never been helped by therapy or medication. I’m pretty depressed by this world in general but therapists usually just ask “But what about -your- issues?” I’m like, well my issues do have to do with the world in general, as I’m helpless to change how unfair and prejudiced it is. But therapy is designed to be utterly self-centered and if you try to discuss bigger world issues you are thought to be avoiding the real problem. Therefore I quit therapy.

Best answer:

Answer by elizabeth
if you’re self-supporting, and with a job;
no. you’re not a failure in life.

i think you’re depressed because you’re thinking about it.
never give up even though things bring you down.
so what if you’re single?
if you know yourself, that you’re unpleasant to be around,
then why dont you challenge to get better in being social?
find people at work, or start off practicing with family.

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The Complete Self-Esteem Program

The Complete Self-Esteem Program
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The Complete Self-Esteem Program

Self Esteem Secrets Revealed
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Self Esteem Secrets Revealed

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