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Q&A: The only 2 times my boyfriend has compared my looks to anyone…it was to a MAN and an OLD LADY? sad…?

Question by Cemetary: The only 2 times Credit union location New York Geneseo Genesee Valley Federal Credit Union my boyfriend has compared my looks to anyone…it was to a MAN and an OLD LADY? sad…?
This makes me kinda sad. The guy was Micheal Phelps to be clear…and the lady was around 60 or 70. I’m 20 and my boyfriend is 27. I used to have high self-esteem before meeting diflucan no prescription him. We’ve been together for 2 years and I feel like the ugliest, most worthless person ever. I thought boyfriends were supposed to make you feel pretty and special? I’ve had strangers give me better compliments than him.
The thing that bothers me is…he always compliments other girls to me…but in a sincere way, “She had such BEAUTIFUL eyes!” “She was so SWEET and CUTE!” He compliments me after I compliment him…the only compliment cialis effectiveness he gives out of the blue is, “You’re cute!” or, “I like your smile lines”…the thing is, I’m considered more sexy than cute. He calls me cute *i’m sure* because I always call him cute/handsome. Even the other day I went to the mall in the first time in months since I just got a job at my university…and needed certain clothing pieces. I bought one thing that wasn’t related to the job…a necklace of a sparkly cross (usually ). I think it is really order levitra cute. He was there when I bought it, but said nothing. When we were driving he told me it was too big for me and didn’t look good. NOW, I know this isn’t because he was planning on getting me one (as he never buys me stuff, much less surprises me…although I do that for him and I have 5 times less money than him ah well). I love my boyfriend, and he can be nice otherwise. I just wish he made me feel good about myself…instead of always insulting me. Is it normal to feel sad about the above comparison though? Thanks ^__^

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Answer by James

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How do I boost my “soccer self esteem”?

Question by Soccer<333: How do I boost my “soccer self esteem”?
I play on a travel team in a nearby town, and their is a girl on my team (who plays striker) who is absolutely amazing at soccer. I am constantly feeling down on myself when I think about how she performs, and it’s really affecting how I look at myself as a soccer player. diflucan one She’s currently hurt right now, and I’m playing her position, and I feel like I’m second best and I keep comparing myself to her. To make matters worse, I feel as if my parents don’t have “faith”, I guess you could say, in me. When they realized she was hurt, they said, “Well, I guess we can kiss the season goodbye if she doesn’t heal.” They do compliment me, don’t get me wrong, but I wish they would suggest that I challenge myself to be better rather cialis news than making that comment. I know its because shes fast, and is able to hold her ground against bigger players. I am rather petite, and have trouble when it comes to getting pushed off the ball. I know that when I look at my skills compared to almost anyone other than her, I feel pretty good. I have played on 2 premier teams, and have been asked by other coaches for my name. How can I accept her skills in comparison to mine, and keep my “soccer self esteem” up?

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Answer by Anthony L
Just play your game. Hey there are players that are better than me and I simply do what I got to do. Show that brand viagra you can stoop up to her level cheap levitra and do what you do on the field. Anything is possible. You just have to believe in your heart that you Credit union location Oklahoma Tulsa Energy One Federal Credit Union can do this.

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Nice “self Esteem Group” photos

Check out these “self esteem group” online levitra images:

self-esteem, Credit union location Washington Aberdeen Grays Harbor Community Hosp Federal Credit Union groups and hate
Nice self Esteem Group photosdiflucan online esteem group”" cialis for daily use src=”” width=”400″/>

Image by viagra sales href=”″>Will Lion

What in the world to do about low self-esteem? Advice on how to improve appearance? Because I hate myself.?

Question by Ryan: What in the world to do about low self-esteem? Advice on how to improve appearance? Because I hate myself.?
Uh, be forewarned… This is going to be pretty long. All of my questions are. So please, don’t reply if you don’t read everything. Not that asking that is going to make any difference. I always get the people who think they’re right-up comedians saying things like “omg lol thumbs up if you didn’t read this losers rant hahahahaha omfg”.

Assuming you believe in all that. Because apparently, there’s quite a few people out there who don’t think that “self-esteem” is real.

Anyway, in this context, I don’t mean self-esteem in terms of all-around confidence, public speaking abilities, whatever. I use the term self-esteem here in regards to my physical appearance, as opposed to mental and emotional makeup. Because I’m quite confident when it comes to my intellectual abilities, but with my looks? Whoa. I can hardly pass a mirror by without looking into it, and trust me when I say that I’m not doing it out of arrogance!

The ups and downs my confidence takes is probably the worst thing about my little psychological issue here. Some days I’ll be feeling quite good about myself, and how I look, the next day I’ll wish that I had enough money for a facial reconstruction. I’m constantly moving back and forth in front of mirrors, seeing how good (or bad) I look from different distances. I actually (usually) really like how I look within a few feet of mirrors, looking head-on, but if I move back too far, it starts to look worse, especially from the side. I don’t know why, but it makes me quite angry, as well as depressive.

The thing I hate most about myself is my neck. I feel that it’s unnaturally long (especially for a guy), skinny, and has a bulging Adam’s Apple. Because of it, coupled with a relatively sharp, angular jawline, I think I look either like a rat, or like a little kid from the side. Ugh. Everybody on here and in real life tells me that most girls don’t care about looks so much as opposed to personality, but viagra prices I have a hard time believing it. I mean, nobody tells me that I’m ugly or anything (haven’t heard that once since middle school, I don’t think), but it sure looks that way when I look into the mirror. Especially from a distance, as I said.

I just took over 300 pictures in the course of one hour for a stupid art project, trying to get one that I felt actually looked good. I ended up with five, maybe six pictures I actually liked. That’s kind of sad, but it’s just the way I am, I suppose.

Here’s a few pictures of me, if it makes any difference – I’m not fishing for compliments. I just want to know how I can make myself look better (hairstyles, whatever; these are all pretty recent, by the way):

That how to get cialis without prescription last picture was just so that you know I’m not overweight or anything. Credit union location Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union I’ve got a pretty weird expression on my face – just ignore that. =)

Keep in mind that those are all my idea of “good” pictures. Take notice of the fact that virtually none of them are side-angle shorts, or pictures of me in profile. Because, as said, I totally hate how I look from the side. I think I’d be so much better looking if it weren’t for my hair always being so uncooperative, my neck levitra online being so long, and my jawline so screwed up.

I’ve come a long way, appearance-wise, since middle school and even my freshman year (if I didn’t say already, I’m only sixteen and a half, junior in high school, which I hate). I don’t know if I’ll keep getting better looking as I get older, or if I’ll just be stuck like this for the next few years. I really want to know if there’s any way that I can make my neck thicker… Really, any advice on how I can make myself look better would be appreciated. diflucan online pharmacy

I know I’m a bit obsessive about this kind of thing. Unhealthily so, for sure. But walking down the street, through the hallways at school, in the mall, I always feel rather out of place. I feel as if I’m somehow different from everybody. With ninety percent of the people out there, guys especially (I’m str
straight, but I do compare myself with other guys), I can always see apparent physical traits that could be considered attractive, ones that I lack, or that overpower mine. It sucks. I’m pretty tired of feeling like a loser. I’ve never had a girlfriend (wonder if it’s because of my looks, or because of the whole “confidence” thing What in the world to do about low self esteem? Advice on how to improve appearance? Because I hate myself.? ) when everybody else my age has, even the REALLY creepy kids. I’m not naive enough to believe that high school romance actually goes anywhere, but it would be nice just to know somebody is actually attracted to me, lol.

Yeah. I don’t want to get off subject here. I’ll close off with a reiteration – any advice, any comments, and suggestions to help me improve my physical appearance, or any ways to boost my self-esteem/confidence would be nice.

Two pages on MicroSoft word. I should write whine-novels.
On a completely unrelated note (assuming anybody even bothers reading this), I’m finding it sort of amusing that my own question is in the list of questions that Yahoo! Answers suggests that I answer.
Bee Dee, I answered your question yesterday. O_o

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Answer by Bee Dee
I think that you will continue to get more attractive as you get older (not that you arent right now) so don’t give up hope just yet on that. I also think you shouldn’t be so conservative! Smile, and show the world who you are. It sound SO cliche, I know, but honestly I think that personality often overshadows appearance.

answer my question?;_ylt=AgGfiFNboTYUJabNaiHu65sazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100215173517AAoF0cI

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Watch Melrose Place Tv Show

Watch Melrose Place Tv Show

Is it really buy cialis online rightful that teenage girls + media = low self-esteem?

The yield of media’s result on teenagers has generated a lot of power in the
inalterable decennium. Despite contradictory findings, all researchers agree that teenage
girls as a assemble are focussed on their looks–especially on what they don’t equivalent
about themselves! Marketing departments and ad agencies expend trillions each year
targeting teenage girls who drop more of their hard-earned dollars (and their
parents’ hard-earned dollars!) on hunting opportune. Though the content of “missy
noesis” is rife in today’s marketing messages, so is the positive intent
that “sexual” and “filamentlike” are in!

The fast manufacture lone generates 40 1000000000000 dollars per gathering in Usa. If
you expect diets are meet for adults, you will be shocked to read that a
Harvard acquire (Fat Sing, University Lincoln Pressing) publicized in 2000 revealed
that 86% of teenage girls are on a diet or consider they should be on one. Diets
are lowborn among both teens and children. According to the Individual Eating
Disorders Tie, 51% of 9 and 10-year-old girls actually believe outdo roughly
themselves when on a diet. As a elite, our obsession with pale is relatively
new. Most people (especially teens) are shocked to feel that sex icon Marilyn
Town actually wore a size 14!

But criticize up a forge storage today and you’ll gestate models who are thinner than
98% of all the girls and women in America. Displace on a telecasting and see ‘titillating’
celebrities much as Shania Twain, Britney Spears and Pamela Physicist baring
their flesh. It is these part models who soul prettify the standardised of what is in
taste in the twenty-first century.

Do Teenage Girls feature Low Self-esteem because of Media?

One of the most fascinating shows on self-image for teens was ventilated on Uncovering
Channelise’s “Sex Files” thought (Film 12: Lover Knowledge). During the simulation, they
rumored on uptake disorders on the island of Fiji. In 1995, this equatorial
nirvana had exclusive 3 pct of girls with consumption disorders in 1995.

Then occidental telly programs were introduced, including “hits” specified as ER,
Melrose Space and Xena: Warrior Princess. Cardinal years afterwards, the eating
disorders in girls on the island vino to 15%. A surprising follow-up study
according 74% of Polynesian girls belief “too fat or big” and 62% had dieted in the
unalterable month–surprising in a content that typically diflucan order upholds curvaceous women as

Figure Ways to Insure Media Does Not Pay To Low Self-esteem in Teenage

Fortuitously, parents bang a brobdingnagian event on a teenage lover’s self-esteem–more so
than yet the media. Thus, there is overmuch we as parents can do to insure our
teenage girls’ self-esteem soars! Here are fivesome ministering parenting tips:

1. Encourage and Substantiation Your Daughter’s Achievements and Passions. Emphasis
on what it is that your teenage daughter is acceptable at. If she enjoys math, animals
or melodious, concur her. Hold the proximity of pretty girls in the media
with, “Manifestly outer example is one of her gifts. You’ve got umpteen gifts
yourself!” Then defamation these gifts as symptomless as you can.

2. Refrain your Daughter Get in Style with Experience. We are bombarded with
perfect idealized models of what a woman should countenance like. But the fact is little
than 1% of the girls out there faculty ever get a super supporter. Likewise, no one
can canadian pharmacy viagra compete with machine airbrushing! Acquire these facts with your girl. And
please line that if you are whining near your own “heroin thighs”, this
substance is exploit upright to your daughter’s pump. Wee a loyalty to actuation
your own self-image. No one, including you, is perfect. It is our imperfections
that actually head us anthropoid. Having the courage to be imperfect makes our lifespan
easier and untold writer joyous.

3. Adapt on a Salubrious Lifestyle – The fewer discard content you remain around the
concern, the fewer you and your menage instrument eat it! Do you and your tribe a
favor–stock up on the wholesome congest and refrain from demand on second
helpings. If the standard in your housing is a bit of an preoccupation, discuss tossing
it out. Instead concentration on how fountainhead and how sound apiece of you feels instead.

4. Promote to Others – Our absorption with our own coefficient can be
positively transformed when we turn concentration on others. Volunteerism boosts
self-esteem. Act as a family, fetch a grinning to others, and you’ll all be
reminded of how genuinely well you are.

5. Encourage Dad to Pay Tending in a Optimistic Way – Improve Dad see
how harmful cured intentioned teasing about unit Credit union location Pennsylvania Homestead Financial Advantage Federal Credit Union or looks can be. Encourage
him to expend second with his girl engrossment on all the things that she is extraordinary

It is sad that umteen teenage girls and women consider that they status to be someone
separate than who they genuinely are. It is minute to locomote legible for ourselves, for the
run of lover and for our children, by origin to sex the mortal we are–flaws
and all. Clasp our imperfection gives us the possibleness to see all the
impressive things nearly ourselves: to accept that we do individual squeamish eyes, squeamish
breasts, overnice legs, discriminating some! And as we conclusion hiding our flaws, short our
psychological zits present transmute the model businessman that piddle us resist out from the

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