Why are women so defensive, reactive and of low self-esteem?

Question by sd: Why are women canadian pharmacy viagra online so defensive, reactive and of low self-esteem?
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“It is hard to understand why a woman who isn’t a drug addict would become a prostitute, but then there are a huge number of reasons why someone finds themselves in this situation, says Karen. In her 20s, SHE WAS THE VICTIM of a horrific attack and sexual assault, which left her with an anxiety about men. She thinks she has tried Credit union location Connecticut East Hartford East Hartford Federal Credit Union to counteract it by putting herself in what she sees as a position of power over them. “I’m levitra cost the one in control, they’re paying me. I’m not stupid – [the assault] probably does have something to do with proving to myself that I can be the one in control, that I can have something at the end of it. I can say when he walks out the door.”

She came to prostitution late – she is in her early 50s but looks much younger – after leaving her full-time job as an administrator six years ago after being bullied. It LEFT HER DEPRESSED AND UNCONFIDENT. She has a history of alcohol abuse and also had ME, which left her unable to get another full-time job. “Just driving to work and back every day would exhaust me,” she says. “I have to factor in a lot of rest in my life. I know my limitations and I keep within them as much as possible.”

A few years earlier, Karen had left an unhappy marriage and began using internet chat rooms to meet men. “I started going on blind dates and it slowly started to evolve into having sex with strangers,” she says. It wasn’t such a huge leap, she says, into charging for what she was giving anyway. “I had a bad month, financially, as I invariably would, and it started as a trickle. I had always been curious about doing it – I think I was trying to prove to myself that actually prostitution was OK. But now I realise that it isn’t.” She put an ad offering massage in a newsagent’s window and found that sex work would fit in around the hours of rest she needed to control her chronic fatigue

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Answer by Hugh J
I’m cialis in usa not being sexist here; I’m just speaking from observation, experience, and honesty. But women seem to be hardwired mentally with a system that regards only the, forgive my lack for a better term, erratic emotions they may or may think they have. This system, in compliance with “emotions,” completely and utterly disregards any form of logic, as logic and emotion are diametric opposites. If they “feel” inadequate, they won’t just ignore it and move on, they will come up with something to attempt to fill the void. This goes for any negative, or actually in some cases positive, emotions. Again, not being sexist, just speaking from sheer observation. If anyone needs any clarity in my quasi obfuscated mess of generic for diflucan an answer, please say so, as I wish not to be the igniter of the next World War.

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