My mom just told me I’m fat and ugly?

Question by Mina: My mom just told me I’m fat and ugly?
Do I have a right to be angry? I mean my mom’s pretty much telling me I’m ugly and she knows that I already have a low self esteem. (I used to have an eating disorder) She said and I quote “You know ,if you want I’ll pay for you to get a nose job and a boob job.” 2 minutes before she found me eating some oreos and she said “Do you really think you should be eating those? You have become quite a chunker.” levitra cost “>canadian pharmacy viagra online
I have 0 self confidence and I’ve always thought I was ugly so I’m not that suprised. And I’ve generic for diflucan always hated my nose, and I guess my breasts are kind of small(34B)? Does this mean I should get a boob/nose job? What do you think I should do?
I know I’ve gained some weight (I’m 137 pounds, and I was 110 last spring). But I need to lose weight healthily. My coach wants me back down to 115 pounds by the spring, which I’m going to start working on Monday. But I’m trying to keep a healthy mind set, because I know that if I don’t I’m going to go back to old habits. And since she made those comments this morning I’ve been thinking about purging alot, and I really don’t want a relapse… I can’t deal with all of that again… Should i confront her about this, or just be glad that she’s telling the truth…
I’m 16 btw, so moving out isn’t really an option

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Answer by Cindy Campbell
confront Credit union location North Dakota Minot Minot Area Schools Federal Credit Union her about it!

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