Help with skittish Golden Retriever?

Question by E. E: Help with skittish Golden Retriever?
I have a Golden Retriever who is about 2 years old. We have had her since she was a puppy, and she has always buy generic levitra been a bit more on the shy side. I am worried because Golden Retrievers should not be so scared of the world. Loud noises, large/strange objects, small children who are too excited frighten her. (I Credit union location Ohio New Knoxville The Way Credit Union understand the fact that small children often upset dogs because of their energy level.) She LOVES to play fetch with anything and she loves jumping in our pool. How can I help her be more assertive and less scared of the world? I love watching diflucan 100mg Cesar Milan, and I think she suffers from what he calls “Low Self Esteem”. We have 3 other dogs, two Basset Hounds online cheap viagra buy and a little Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, and she plays great with them, especially the little one. She’s always playful but gentle with him. How can I help her?

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Answer by Amanda
She has weak nerves – its her temperament, and that is what she is and will always be.

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