Learn how to build self confidence with daily affirmations

Do you want to improve your self confidence? You can do it after learning how to build self confidence with daily affirmations. So, what exactly are daily affirmations? These are positive declarations that you make and believe in so as to build your self confidence. You can make the declarations either silently in your mind or speak them out loud to yourself. When you make positive declarations about yourself and your capabilities, your self worth will be uplifted.

To start you off, you should make a habit of speaking something positive about yourself several times a day. This will make you feel good about yourself, which in itself heightens your confidence levels. Repeating the affirmations will make them stick to your subconscious mind. This way, it won’t be easy for you to go out of track because your subconscious will be alert to remind you of what you said.

You should start by making a list of all your positive attributes and placing the list in a place where you will see and recite it daily. The list can have anything, from physical to inner attributes. For example you can tell yourself, “I am beautiful and I love myself.” Saying this repeatedly will make you believe in your beauty, and soon it will radiate! You can also talk of any achievement you want to make; for example, “I am passing the examinations.”

As you have noticed, daily affirmations should be structured in the present tense. This helps you to believe that you have already achieved what you are talking about. Using the past tense and future tense will not achieve the desired effects. The past tense may make you feel that you don’t need to make the achievement any more. On the other hand, the future tense will make you feel that the time has not come for you to achieve what you want.

The declarations should also be structured using only positive words. Statements such as “I am not going to take alcohol” may be positive but has used a negative word “not.” The mind might not process this correctly and may translate it into, “I am going to take alcohol.” The correct positive words to use would be, “I am going to stop taking alcohol.”

The sentences should be short, precise and specific. The best time to make the declarations is in the morning immediately after waking up and at night just before falling asleep. This is when your mind will be the most receptive to the words you will put into it.

When you are making the declarations, you should do so with emotion. Let it not be a detached statement but rather something you can visualize. Though you might find it difficult at first, it will become easier with practice. With time, you will start to firmly believe in your words and you will reap the results.

You should try as much as possible not to find any reason to disapprove any of the declarations that you make. Even though you have been discouraged by others in the past, you should discard whatever negative thing they might have said and believe in yourself. Your truth matters more than theirs and should be the determinant of your self confidence.

Nothing comes easily and so you should learn to be patient with yourself. Learning to love and appreciate yourself may not be spontaneous and it needs patience. Make a habit of meditating on the positive words and don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your course. Thinking about all the negative experiences and difficult situations you have gone through is not going to help you. Try to concentrate only on the positive happenings in your life.

Believing in what you say will bring major changes into your life. Your subconscious will start accepting the words as true. Consequently, you will perceive yourself in positive light. The people around you will also start perceiving you positively because your positive self- image will have an impact on how they perceive you.

Being confident in yourself will bring great happiness to you. It will also help you to become successful in what you set out to do. With these simple steps on how to build self confidence with daily affirmations, you should be on your way to attaining great self confidence that will open doors for you.