How to gain confidence in meeting people

Confidence can simply be defined as an attitude that enables an individual to have a realistic and positive perception about themselves and their abilities. A confident person has a very high self esteem. Confident people are also independent, optimistic, assertive, enthusiastic, and emotionally mature. Emotional maturity is among the hardest confidence components that an individual can posses because emotions are very hard to control.

Confidence as a personal trait is learned and not inherited. Confidence is learnt at a very tender age which is why most people who lack confidence have a childhood history that involved a lot of criticism, being undermined, losing a loved one or even being blamed by others.

Confidence is connected to the relationship one had/has with others. Many people lack confidence especially when meeting new people. There are many remedies on how to gain confidence when meeting people. This is because lacking confidence is not a permanent thing.

Lack of confidence can be addressed by reshaping our perspectives, gender perspectives, social classes and beliefs.

Meeting new people is hard. It is an inevitable thing to do because no one can live in isolation in today’s world. We meet people everywhere when going about our daily routines. It is usually a hard task for many people to build the courage to walk up to strangers and introduce yourself due to the fear of humiliation and awkwardness associated with getting rejected. It is for this reason that many people don’t know how to gain confidence in meeting people. You should however not fear meeting people because you can build self confidence by following some simple rules.

The first thing you should do when meeting new people is to banish any doubts that you may have. This is because doubts are powerful thoughts that can destroy any social experience. The most common way of destroying a prospective social interaction experience is to have doubts about yourself. You have to believe that you are good enough to be liked and admired by others instantly. You first have to believe in yourself for any other persons to believe in you.

Self believe is an important law in the laws of attraction. People seem to get attracted to confident people and once you eliminate self doubt meeting people will become easy.

Another important rule you should learn is mental role playing when looking on how to gain confidence in meeting people. It is critical that you have a mental picture of what the actual meeting experience will be like before you actually go out to meet people. This way, you can be able to practice and visualize the scenarios that may come up during the meeting. For instance, if you are meeting people in a presentation, it is important that you be well prepared for questions that are likely to be asked. This way you will be in total control of the situation and your confidence won’t be shaken.

When looking on how to gain confidence in meeting people, you should also try to kill the fear. Fear is among the greatest enemy of building confidence. Fear makes people miss perfect opportunities in life. Immediately you develop fear, you instil negative thoughts of rejection, ridicule or even humiliation that can destroy your social life. There is a common belief that the best way of overcoming fear is by facing it. If you overcome the fear of meeting people, then you will have a successful social experience.

The last factor to look at when looking at how to gain confidence meeting people is practice. There is a common saying that states that practice makes perfect. If you practice countless times the above confidence tips when meeting people, then eventually you will gain the confidence to meet people in all scenarios.

A successful meeting will lay a foundation for other more successful meetings. Consistency is an important ingredient of success in whatever one wants to achieve. Meeting people has never been easy and building confidence takes dedication, optimism and time. Confidence building is a hard and long process. How to gain confidence in meeting people is thus subject to time and dedication. You have to be dedicated and consistent to the process for you to emerge as a confident person when meeting new people.